Hall of Toys #2: Are Card and Board Games the Same?

Welcome back to the Hall of Toys!

Hosts Brant and Chris talk about the latest and upcoming toys, video games, table top games and collectibles. They also pick a main topic to discuss each time, and will sometimes be joined by guests.

Here’s the format for this episode:

INTRO: The guys catch up and thank the listeners for the feedback on the first show, and make some announcements.

TOY TALK: They then discuss some recently released and upcoming action figures, statues, and other collectible items.

MAIN TOPIC: This week the topic is on toys: Are Card Games and Board Games the same?

GAMING GAB: The guys talk Injustice: Gods Amoung Us, and the next couple of week’s releases.

TABLE TOP TALK: Then it’s on to some Kickstarter games, Wil Wheaton’s TableTop and a card game.

AND… ACTION FIGURE!: Each episode they will each select a figure or set to highlight. This week it’s the Ghostbusters from Chris and Guardians of the Galaxy from Brant!

CLOSING UP SHOP: Some more announcements and talk as the show comes to a close.


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Skeleton Crew Studio

Man of Steel: Superman and Zod

Life-Size Iron Man Statue

The Hobbit Figures

Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun

Marvel Universe 3.75″ Series 3

DC Unlimited 2013 Series 3 Darkseid (New 52)

DC Collectibles Justice League: Darkseid Deluxe Action Figure

Hello Kitty Street Fighter from Toynami

Injustice: Gods Among Us Walkthrough

Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena Finals

Kickstarter: Dwarven Forge Game Tiles

Kickstarter: Geek Dice

Kickstarter: Zpocalypse: Aftermath

Kickstarter: Legendary Monsters

Kickstarter: High Heavens

Kickstarter: The Resistance: Coup

The Resistance, 2nd Edition

TableTop Season 2, Episode 2: The Resistance

DC Comics Deck-Building Game

Chris’ And… Action Figure! Pick:

12″ Winston Zeddemore & Peter Venkman Two-Pack (“Ghostbusters II”)

12″ Ray Stanz & Egon Spengler Two-Pack (“Ghostbusters II”)

Brant’s And… Action Figure! Pick:

Super Hero Team Pack Series 3 – Guardians of the Galaxy

Find more of what we talked about at Big Bad Toy Store

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