Hall of Toys #3: Video Game Franchises

Welcome back to the Hall of Toys!

Hosts Brant and Chris talk about the latest and upcoming toys, video games, table top games and collectibles. They also pick a main topic to discuss each time, and will sometimes be joined by guests.

Here’s the format for this episode:

INTRO: The guys catch up and joke around before diving into a packed episode.

TOY TALK: It’s more talk of recently released and upcoming action figures, statues, and other collectible items.

MAIN TOPIC: This week the topic is on Video Game Franchises, and the guys are joined by Chris’ brother Mike! From Mario, to Resident Evil and beyond.

GAMING GAB: The guys talk Neverwinter, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Shadow of the Eternals and more as Mike sticks around for the segment.

TABLE TOP TALK: As the guys say goodbye to Mike, it’s on to some board and card games, including a new Kickstarter project, a new card game website and much more.

AND… ACTION FIGURE!: Each episode they will each select a figure or set to highlight. This week it’s the Midas from Real Steel for Brant and Scarlet Spider for Chris.

CLOSING UP SHOP: Even more announcements and talk as the show comes to a close.


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Kai Figures: Batman and Bane

Super Alloy Figures

DCU/He-Man Packs: Aquaman & Merman

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Marvel Legends 2013 Series 2

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Star Wars and EA

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WoW Sales Waning

WoW Guild Disbands

Shadow of the Eternals

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Upcoming Game Releases


Walking Dead Cards

Arkham City Gift Promo

Deadzone on Kickstarter

LEGO Heroica


Yu-Gi-Oh Tachyon Galaxy

Chris’ And… Action Figure! Pick:

Marvel Legends 2013 Series 2: Scarlet Spider

Brant’s And… Action Figure! Pick:

Midas (Real Steel)

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