Happy New Year!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a minute and wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year this New Year’s Eve. May you all be where you want to be and with who you want to be with. And if that means curled by the fire listening to the latest episode of Zone 4, even better!

We have some very cool things in store for the show in 2012, including but not limited to our 150th episode, our 3-year anniversary, more shows, more contests, more games, surprises, guests, and so much more! So if you thought we stepped up our game in 2011 with the new cast, website and so forth, as the saying goes, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

I also want to thank some people who have been integral either to the continued growth of Zone 4, or in supporting the show.

First, I want to give my heartfelt thanks to my current co-hosts, Captain Ron Fortier and Gordon Dymowski. These guys have been great additions to the show, and have shown me nothing but the utmost respect and support since we’ve been handling the lion’s share of the show. Every host we’ve had on the show has been great, and these guys are no exception. Thanks to both of you for continuing to make this show fun and fresh for me week in and week out.

I want to also thank all our reserves, both official and honorary. From the original co-founders of the show, Cary Kelley and Chuck Kennedy who have offered their feedback and insight if not their time as often as we all would like, to the various other reserves that have joined us throughout the year. Bill, Frank, Mike, Mike and John, thanks so much!

Breaking that down, to Mike Luoma, thanks for being a champ and jumping in whenever we need you. You are always a great guest to have and we always have a lot of fun.

Mike Watson, while we haven’t been able to have you on as often, we have great discussions when you do join us. And that video audition you sent in was awesome. Here’s to having you on more in 2012.

John, my good friend, especially in recent months you have jumped in whenever we needed you and whenever you could. I loved having you as a full co-host, and I love it when you’re able to join us. Having you back several times recently has been a real treat.

Frank, we need to get you on an episode soon! haha But seriously, thanks for your support, bro, I know you would join us more if you could.

Bill, you are another one that has been a constant on the show, and whenever we can get you on is a treat.

Moving on, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Chuck Moore who still to this day speaks highly of Zone 4 whenever given the chance. I appreciate the kind words thrown our way on the 300th episode of the Related Recap and all your support for this show from day 1.

To all the guests we’ve had, from Decapitated Dan, to Eric Ratcliffe, to Rob Davis, to Glenn Arsenau, to Tim Simmons, Mike Baron and more, we are eternally grateful for your participation in the show. Thank you for being a part, and we hope you all had as much fun doing the show as we had having you join us on the show.

Andrew Law, one of our biggest fans, thank you SO much for all your support and contributions to the show, even going as far as illustrating the webcomic and plotting it out! I’d say it’s down to you and Lisa Moore for the spot of our number one fan!

Speaking of Lisa, my good and dear friend, thanks seems too light a word to express my appreciation for your support and feedback toward the show this year.

And finally, to all our fans, Facebook Legionnaires and others, I thank you all immensely for listening in each and every week. We do this show as a labor of love, and knowing you all are out there listening just motivates us even more and gives us more of a reason to continue doing this.

I don’t know how everyone’s 2011 was. Mine was kind of rough, but for Zone 4 it has been a banner year. And we hope to make 2012 even better. We hope you stick along for the ride. Any feedback you all care to give, we are all ears, good or bad.

To wrap things up, and to say two things for one last time in 2011…

Thanks for listening, and…

You are now leaving… Zone 4.


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