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Zone 4 #417: Deadpool 2

First, we discuss Doomsday Clock #5 and Amazing Spider-Man #800.

Then, we tackle the movie Deadpool 2!

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Zone 4 #350: 12 Days of Zone 4 – Day 3

Spider-Verse It’s Day 3 of the 12 Days of Zone 4 as I share my thoughts (so far) on the Spider-Verse event! http://www.zone4podcast.com (Original Numbering: 12 Days of Zone 4 – Day 3)

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Podcast #7: Comic Talk

Chris is joined by Brant for the full episode this week as they talk Original Sin, Forever Evil, Amazing Spider-Man, Invincible and more. Plus the weekly rundown, a solo Zone 4 segment by Brant, and the wrap-up.

Zone 4 #290: The Amazing Spider-Man

The crew kicks off the new era of the show with Chris Ventura joining Brant, John and Ron (halfway through the show). The new father and the crew relive the 250th mega episode and have some fun up front. Then it’s on to some Comic Book Headlines with talk of the Image Expo that took …

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