The 2012 ZONIES!

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED! Listen to episode #209 on Friday, March 15th to hear the winners of the 2012 Zonies!

The ZONIES return to Zone 4 as we pick the best of 2012 as we see it. But this year, we have opened up voting to the public for the first time! So now YOU get to choose the ZONIE recipients! Of course, those recipients will only be receiving props and an air high-five, but hey, that’s how we do it!

The polls are up on the Zone 4 Facebook page ready for voting, and some have already taken advantage of my mistake in allowing write-in votes on some of them, so that’s cool. 🙂

Voting is open until Monday, March 11th, and then we’ll tabulate the votes and announce the winners on episode #209 of the podcast on Friday, March 15th!

So get to voting!

Here are links to the individual polls in case they aren’t immediately visible on the Facebook page:

Best Ongoing Comic Series

Best Limited Comic Series

Best Original Graphic Novel

Best Writer

Best Penciller

Best Inker

Best Colorist

Best Letterer

Favorite Character of 2012

Biggest Surprise of 2012

Best New Ongoing Series

Best New Limited

Best Comic Cover

Best Announcement of 2012

Best Webcomic of 2012

Favorite Comic Company of 2012

Best Romantic Relationship of 2012

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