Transfomers: Prime – Rage of the Dinobots #1 (of 4) – Zone 4 Reviews

When I reviewed this, I had no idea it was spinning out of the game or cartoon show. I thought it was spinning out of the current comics. Shows how much I watch or read Transformers anymore (Darren don’t hate me, my friend! I have Cheetor in my Christmas tree!) or even read the very description I posted along with the review! So enjoy my ramblings on this new mini-series.

Story: Bridging the story from the Fall of Cybertron video game to the Prime TV show—the DINOBOTS hold the line as CYBERTRON falls! With OPTIMUS PRIME and the Ark long gone, the rest of the population makes their escape from the dying world—but SHOCKWAVE remains behind, continuing his experiments!


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