Updates to the Zone 4 Network

Hey Podcast Fans!

We’re well into 2016 now, so I figured it was time for a few updates about this site, the main Zone 4 podcast, and the Zone 4 family/network of shows as a whole.

First, I realize you guys have been seeing a lot of wrestling shows lately with little else in between. Yes, Chris and I do two weekly wrestling shows now, but that doesn’t mean Zone 4 is going all wrestling. It’s just one aspect of the greatness you’ll find here!

As for the main Zone 4 show, it will be returning from hiatus this month! That’s right, folks, there will be a brand new episode of Zone 4 on Friday, February 19th! On that episode, which will air on iTunes, Stitcher, and Comic Frontline, we will discuss the new schedule for the show, and where you’ll be able to find it as of episode #320, which airs in March around my birthday!

Airship 27 is still going strong. In fact, we’re set to record and release episode 12 next week! The show has gained quite the following (thank you all so much!), and so there’s no end in sight as of this posting.

Concerning the other shows that are part of Zone 4, but not on Zone 4 – which means most of the shows Chris and I do together – we’ll be discussing that fully in the next Chris & Brant Show, which will air this coming Thursday on YouTube.com/DarkAvengerC86. Bottom line is it’s kind of an affiliate of Zone 4 for Chris’ YouTube channel, but they will all soon be available in audio format on SoundCloud and iTunes!

Speaking of the Chris & Brant Show, that will now air every third Thursday. So as I mentioned, the next episode airs on February 11th. The one after will air on March 3rd, the next on March 24th, and so forth.

Now we get to some shows that are either now officially on hiatus or officially ended.

Hall of Toys will effectively be shelved after we record the long-awaited 25th episode. When that will be, we’re not sure, but I’m guessing sometime around Toy Fair or San Diego Comic Con, depending on schedules. After that, we may occasionally bring it back for a one-off, but no more regular episodes after that.

Hit Points is going through a transitional phase right now. We are trying to decide whether it continues with Chris and a new co-host (if you’re a regular gamer, let us know!), or if it gets put on hiatus until we figure something else out. Chris & I will still be doing the Expansion Packs on the Zone 4 YouTube channel, though. And if/when Hit Points does return, it is moving to the Zone 4 channel as well.

Chris has been updating about his shows (It’s a… Podcast, Epic Rewind, etc.) on his updates and live shows. All those are kind of up in the air right now. The main ones from us on his channel are the aforementioned Chris & Brant Show and 1-2-3 Podcast (with an occasional Morning Stream tossed in here and there – look for a Batman: Bad Blood episode soon!).

And finally, some sad, but not surprising news. Raynman is officially cancelled. Frank and I had debated for over a year of whether or not to bring the show back with the two of us, but things never really worked out. Last month, we let the domain lapse. The archive on iTunes is still available for past shows, and I will be adding a page on this site in the near future linking to those episodes. But there will be no new Raynman episodes. It was a great run, and if you guys never tried it, you totally should! Great stuff there and we had loads of fun doing it!

So there’s your state of address for Zone 4 as of right now. There is more to come, but I’ll hold off for a bit on the rest. Don’t forget to tune in on February 19th as the standard bearing main show, Zone 4 returns! And thanks, as always, for listening.

You are now leaving… Zone 4!

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