We’re On Stitcher!

We got approved for Stitcher.com, this week, gang! So now you have one more place to listen to us at!

If you’re not familiar with Stitcher.com, it’s an online Radio Station in the simplest explanation. The call it “SmartRadio.”

It’s basically a way to increase our audience as Stitcher offers a ton of programs that people can pick and choose from. And it’s free!  So it’s just a great service that we’re thrilled to now be a part of.

You can see the Stitcher button in the sidebar on the right there, and it’ll be present on the CR posts as well. We’ll have a link to our Stitcher page in the show notes each week also.

So if you are a Stitcher user already, you can add Zone 4 to your listening list. If you’re new to Stitcher, please check us out first!

We’ll have a new All-DC Comics episode up later today, and then Tuesday we launch Toy Zone, and sometime soon we’ll have our Walking Dead Season 3 Finale extra!

A lot of great things to come from Zone 4! Now go listen to us on Stitcher!


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