Zone 4 #182: Marvel Mania


The crew returns with reservist Bill Gladman for a rousing conversation on all things Marvel! From movie trailers, to titles we’re each reading, to court cases, boycotting movies and much, much more.

Before that, we dive into some headlines involving some other court cases and disputes, revivals and more.

Plus, more Facebook shout-outs, more promotional plugs, and tons of fun!

(Original Numbering: Episode #153)


Life in Four Colors – Audio Edition (as part of the Related Recap)

Look for Bill’s next installment on The Related Recap #302 on March 7th

Twilight Star at Gem City Comic Con 2012

Gem City Comic Con Poster and Hero Initiative Auction


Careful by Victor Carungi and Gentry Smith (lettered by Brant Fowler)

Jack Hammer by Brandon Barrows and Ionic (lettered by Brant Fowler)

Coming Soon from Action Lab Entertainment


Deathwalker on AMAZON

Battling Boxing Stories on AMAZON

Final Fenway Fiction on AMAZON

Chicks Dig Time Lords

RSVP link –

Arlington Heights Library –

Chicks Dig Time Lords (publication page) –

Announcement (via the blog; includes Zone 4 promo) –

Gordon’s review of CDTL –

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