Zone 4 #214: Good Things from Reboots

This was not the episode we intended for this week. Sadly, that episode had some corrupted audio (namely mine – Brant), so we weren’t able to air it. We will be using some of the audio from our great guests Brandon Barrows and Don Johnston from that now lost episode at some point soon though. Our apologies to all of you, and to Brandon and Don for the mishap. It was a great episode that sadly you’ll never hear in its entirety.

As for what you actually will be hearing this week, the four co-hosts are back as they catch up, discuss some headlines, and talk about some successful and not so successful soft and hard reboots in comics. They also compare those with the current reboots and talk about some positive stuff coming out of both the DC New 52 and Marvel Now.

Plus, more Facebook shout-outs, plugs and so forth.

(Original Numbering: Episode #184)

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