Zone 4 #221: I’m Going to Disney World!

The crew tackles the biggest news of the week, and possibly the year as we talk about Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, LTD! But before we get to that, there is other business and other news to discuss.

We give more hype about the upcoming 200th episode of Zone 4, including the recording date and a game! Plus, we announce a new listener drive (details below) leading up to the 200th episode.

We also talk about Monkeybrain’s generous offer for The Hero Initiative, Bryan Singer’s X-Men plans, the future of SDCC, and a little Marvel NOW!

And of course, more Facebook shout-outs, plugs and more as we count down to 200!

(Original Numbering: Episode #190)

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Zone 4 Listener Drive

Full details can be found here:

The basics: Episodes #191-199 will contain 1 key word each, making up 3 three-word phrases.
New listeners must email us one of these three-word phrases and “like” us on Facebook to receive the incentive prize.

Disney Acquires Lucasfilm LTD

Main Press Release
What’s it Mean for Dark Horse?
Episode 7 Will be Original Story
CR Forum Discussion

Other Headlines Discussed

Monkeybrain Gives Back

Bryan Singer to Direct First Class Sequel

SDCC Stays in San Diego

Marvel NOW! November 7th

Ringtail Cafe

Marvel vs DC Debate at Third Coast Comics November 5th

Chicago Geek Breakfast Pre-Holiday Event November 12th

Pro Se Productions’ Monster Aces

DarkAvengerC86 & DarkAvengerINC

NCD & Spy6Teen

CR Podcasting Network

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