Zone 4 #229: Re-IMAGE-ining

The crew returns to reimagine some original Image Comics titles. We each take a classic title from Image and revamp it and the results prove to be very interesting!

Before we get to that, though, we talk several headlines, including our thoughts about the Gail Simone situation and DC in general, the Man of Steel and G.I. Joe: Retalliation trailers, the casting of Roy Harper on Arrow and more!

The final keyword for this phrase in the New Listener Drive is given.

Of course, more Facebook shout-outs, plugs and more as we count down to 200!

And some more teases for the upcoming LIVE 200th episode on January 11th!

(Original Numbering: Episode #196)

Zone 4 Listener Drive

Full details can be found here:

The basics: Episodes #191-199 will contain 1 key word each, making up 3 three-word phrases.
New listeners must email us one of these three-word phrases and “like” us on Facebook to receive the incentive prize.

Dark Avenger INC

Ringtail Cafe

Coming Soon: EEK! Little Monsters

Derby City Comic Con 2013

Wonder Man

Wonder Man Webcomic

Gordon Dymowski

Audio Bones


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