Zone 4 #234: Breaking In

The crew returns for the first episode of 2013 as they talk about breaking in to comics or any creative field. Listen to their experience and advice as we enter into a new year!

They also talk several headlines covering comics, film and television.

Of course, more Facebook shout-outs, plugs, creative goals for 2013 and more as they count down to 200!

A final reminder for the LIVE 200th episode on January 11th!

BYOB-Bring Your Own Bacon!

It’s a brand new year, folks, let’s have some fun!

(Original Numbering: Episode #199)

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The basics: Episodes #191-199 will contain 1 key word each, making up 3 three-word phrases. New listeners must email us one of these three-word phrases and “like” us on Facebook to receive the incentive prize.

Headlines Discussed

Peter David Has Stroke

Peter David Update

More Peter David Updates

Dark Avenger INC+ Launches

New Young Justice Episodes

Young Justice Comic Cancelled

Derby City Comic Con Announces First Guests

New Black Coat on Kickstarter

Joseph Gordon Levitt Up for Starlord

Michael Rosenbaum Reads for Starlord

John Barrowman Wants On Doctor Who Anniversary

Tomb Raider is Multiple Player

Peggy Carter Actress Not Returning to Cap 2

This Week’s Plugs

Ron’s Email

Windy City Pulp and Paper Show

Bill Nichols (Comics Mentor) on YouTube

EEK! Little Monsters

Knightly Nightly

Coffee Time with Ringtail Cafe

Top Cow Talent Hunt


Jack Hammer: Political Science on ComiXology


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