Zone 4 #235: LIVE Celebration!

The crew returns with their 200th episode extravaganza! If you missed the LIVE video version (which you can watch below), here’s the audio version you can take with you anywhere.

Several guests drop by, including Chuck Moore, Chris Ventura, Mike Ventura, Spider-Man, Lisa Moore and Eric Ratcliffe. There was bacon, there were stories, there was comic talk and so much more!

Our guests shared their favorite Zone 4 moments, their favorite bacon dishes, and what comics they are currently enjoying.

Ron tried to talk with us from the ether, and it worked for a minute.

Much fun was had, so join in the experience!

(Original Numbering: Episode #200)

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This Week’s Plugs

The Charlie Tonic Hour

Derby City Comic Con

Tonic Tours

EEK! Little Monsters

Knightly Nightly

New Comic Day

Why I Love Comics


Chicago Geek Breakfast

Earth Station One #109


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