Zone 4 #244: Comic Movie Days Numbered?

The crew returns to discuss the current and future state of comic book movies. How many more years will we get them, and is there a point the fad just fades away or jumps the shark?

Before that, though, we get into some discussion about ageism, talk several interesting headlines, and give a final reminder on voting for the Zonies.

Of course, more Facebook shout-outs, plugs and all that good stuff.

And we talk about two brand new Zone 4 spinoff shows in the works!

(Original Numbering: Episode #208)


Dan Con 2013 Spring

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This Week’s Links and Topics

Jerry Ordway’s Blog Post
Ron’s 55+ Idea
Superman Unchained
Superman Lawsuit Continues
Kevin Smith’s Secret DC Project
New Iron Man 3 Trailer
No Planet Hulk Film
Marvel #1 Revealed at SXSW
Marvel NOW! Gets MAD!
Count on Marvel Teaser 2
DC Superhero Writing Contest
Guardians of the Galaxy Location
Guardians of the Galaxy Rumor
Nova Corps in Guardians of the Galaxy?
Raimi’s Plans for Anne Hathaway in Spider-Man 4
Peter Laird Not a Fan of Meagan Fox
Christopher Nolan Producing Justice League (Bale NOT in it)

The “Hire Me, Pal!” Initiative

Louisville Arcade Expo

Lexington Comic & Toy Convention

Gem City Comic Con

Derby City Comic Con

EEK! Little Monsters

The Philospher Monkey (John’s Blog)

The Zonies Voting is Open!


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