Zone 4 #250: TV & Movie News

The crew returns with a whole slew of TV and Film news, from new trailers, to castings, to reality show contests for roles in films, and much more! Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, Lone Ranger, Ninja Turtles and many more.

Ron also gives a report on the 2013 Windy City Pulp & Paper Convention. And Gordon shares his experience of stand-up comedy.

Plus, Facebook Shout-Outs, plugs and more.

(Original Numbering: Episode #214)

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This Week’s Links and Topics

Boston Comic Con Postponed

Zod Teaser

New Man of Steel Trailer

A New Star Wars Movie Every Year?

TV Show HEROES to Come Back… Exclusively on Xbox

International Lone Ranger Trailer

Lobo First DLC Character for Injustice: Gods Among Us

Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising Comes to TV

The Next DC Animated Film: The Flashpoint Paradox

Cast for Flashpoint Paradox

The Walking Dead’s Michael Rooker is Yondu

New Star Trek: Into Darkness Trailer

Jamie Foxx as Electro

Splinter Cast in TMNT Movie

New Iron Man 3 Clip

Blue Beetle Comes to Arrow

Chinese Talent Search for Transformers 4

Windy City Pulp & Paper Show

Black Pulp

I Hear of Sherlock #51

That Wacky Redhead

NCD #210

Hall of Toys #1

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