Zone 4 #253: What If… She-Hulk Ate a Skrull Burger?

The crew returns as they celebrate the life and career of special effects guru Ray Harryhausen, talk some other headlines, and ask the age-old question “What If…?”

Plus, Facebook Shout-Outs, plugs and more!

(Original Numbering: Episode #217)

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This Week’s Links and Topics

RDJ Jokes About Iron Man 4 Kickstarter (video forward to 2:26)

She-Hulk Assaults 17-year-old at McDonalds

Skrulls Join Thanos for “Infinity

Kevin Feige Gives Warners Advice on Justice League Film

Shane Black to Direct Doc Savage Film

NBC Passes on Sixth Gun

Big Hero 6

Denver Comic Con

(Look for Ron in Artist Valley at Table D15)

Little Vampires

Self Publisher Magazine


Hall of Toys #1 Outtakes

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