Zone 4 #257: DC Is… Forever Evil

The crew returns joined by Chris Ventura as they talk about DC’s new initiative, Villain’s Month, and Forever Evil. This, of course, runs into a tangent/rant on the outrageous amount of titles this produces for September from DC.

Before that, though, they catch up with the Captain after a very successful Denver Comic Con. And then they talk some headlines, including comic, film and TV news.

Plus, Facebook Shout-Outs, plugs and more!

(Original Numbering: Episode #221)

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This Week’s Links and Topics

Denver Comic Con

DC’s Superman Month

CR’s Superman Month

Matt Smith Leaves Doctor Who

Karen Gillan Joins Guardians of the Galaxy

Hugh Jackman Done with Wolverine?

Fables to the Big Screen

Villain’s Month and Forever Evil

Jetpack Comics

Laramie County Community College


Self Publisher Magazine

Love Grapes

Dark Avenger INC

New Comic Day – Superman

CR’s Derby City PreShow Party

CR Podcast Archive

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CR Podcasting Network

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