Zone 4 #269: Editorial Interference

(WARNING: Some Explicit Language in first part of the show again…
(the “bleep” machine was broken, sorry, folks)).

The crew returns with a headline edition of Topic Time, and boy do they start off with a doozy. Batwoman leads the charge, followed by some movie news and rumors, TV promos, pointless teaser images, stakes in comic shops and much more.

And there are new shout-outs again this week! Plus some plugs.

So fix a BLT, snuggle up to your significant other, and get ready for another John Wilson rant! It’s time to enter the Zone!

(Original Numbering: Episode #233)

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This Week’s Links and Topics


Batwoman Creative Team Walks

Mark Waid Buys Into Comic Shop

Ohio Man Sells Amazing Spider-Man #1 to Pay for Daughter’s Wedding

Marvel Teaser

Transformers 4 Has a Title (and nobody cares)

Lady Gaga in Sin City 2 (hold the jokes until the end)

Bradley Cooper is Rocket Raccoon, Confirmed

Kevin Feige Explains Thanos’ Role in Guardians of the Galaxy

Bryan Cranston Denies Lex Luthor Rumors

Warner Bros. Casting Batman Love Interest in Superman/Batman Film?

Max Steel Movie Announced

The Walking Dead Becoming an Online Course

Arrow Season 2 Promo

Amanda Waller Enters Arrow, Cynthia Addai-Robinson Cast

Coming Up, Coming Out, or Going On:

Doctor Who Guide to Social Media

Chicago Tardis

Ravenwood – Stepson of Mystery Vol. 2

Moonstone Books

Skystorm Studios

Self Publisher Magazine

Jack Hammer #1 – Action Lab Entertainment

Watching the Eclipse

Dark Avenger INC – Villains Month

CR Podcasting Network

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