Zone 4 Joins Dark Avenger Inc!

Zone 4 founder and co-host Brant Fowler (yours truly) has been invited – and graciously accepted – to be a part of the Dark Avenger Inc YouTube channel doing weekly videos! I will be doing reviews and various other things on the channel in the weeks and months to come. My first video, which is just a simple introduction video, is now live. You can expect my first review, of Shadowman #1 from Valiant, to go live this Thursday!

In addition to myself being on the channel, all the co-hosts and members of Zone 4 have been included on the invite. So if any of them choose to do any videos, they will go up under the Zone 4 brand on Dark Avenger Inc!

And if that wasn’t enough, the podcast itself will have some involvement on the YouTube channel. We’re still working out exactly what, but something will be available on the channel concerning the show as I mention in the video above.

So go subscribe to DarkAvengerInc on YouTube to get mine and everyone else’s great weekly videos!


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