Zone 4 State of Address – UPDATED

Important announcement about the future of Zone 4. It is NOT ending, no worries. These are good things! Read below if videos aren’t your thing!

In case any of you haven’t watched the video, here’s the bullet points:

We are closing this very website, at least for the time being! will start taking you to the Facebook page as of Friday, April 22, 2016. So if you are accustomed to listening to the Zone 4 podcasts via this website, you will have to access it through one of the other methods that will be listed below.

We are no longer posting to the Zone 4 YouTube channel, but it’s not closing.

We have decided to no longer update the YouTube channel as it was just sitting there with under 100 subscribers and very infrequent updates. The channel is not being deleted, you can still watch the content there, but this leads to the next part…

We are now officially a part of Comic Frontline!

The Zone 4 family of podcasts will remain on Comic Frontline, and those that weren’t there before will be there from this point forward. It just made the most sense. So you can find us on their YouTube channel, and on

We have a new email!

This wasn’t in the video, but effective immediately, our new email address is As of May 1, 2016, will no longer work.

Other places you can find Zone 4 content:

If you’re a Facebook or YouTube user, finding Zone 4 is very simple. If you are not a Facebook or YouTube user, we still have other options as listed below. And if you prefer going to a website, you can find us on the Comics Podcast Network, as listed below. Libsyn App

Comic Frontline’s YouTube Channel – Zone 4 Playlist

Comic Frontline’s YouTube Channel – Airship 27 Playlist

Comics Podcast Network



Thank you, everyone, for all your support through the years, and I do hope you follow us from here to wherever the winds may take us!

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